Schedule | 19/04/2022 - Maccbi Haifa מול Hapoel Haifa
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IFA CUP , 19/04/2022 , 20:30 , BLOOMFIELD
23,381 viewers |  Referees: Not Yet Set
Maccbi Haifa
Hapoel Haifa
Dean David (43)
Tjaronn Chery (52)



Roy Mashpati
Sean Goldberg
Bogdan Planic
Sun Menachem
Mickael Alphonse
Neta Lavi
Omer Atzili
Dolev Haziza
Tjaronn Chery
Mahmoud Jaber
Dean David


Josh Cohen ()
Ofri Arad ()
Rami Gershon ()
Ali Muhamed ()
Mohammed Abu Fani ()
Maor Levy ()
Ben Sahar ()
Godsway Donyoh ()
Mavis Tchibota (STRIKER)


ברק בכר




טל בומשטיין ()
דודו אלטרוביץ' ()
עלי כיאל ()
גיא משפתי ()
איתי בוגאנים ()
עבד אלראוף ג'בארין ()
נס זמיר ()
דוד טויטו ()
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אלישע לוי
Tue , 19/4/2022

Maccabi qualifies to the cup final

The semifinals of the Israeli State Cup encountered between Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Haifa at Bloomfield stadium. Hapoel’s striker, Alon Turgeman, was sent off (30’). David (43’) and Chery (52’) secured a 2:0 victory at the derby

Maccabi’s line-up: Roi Mishpati, Mickael Alphonse, Bogdan Planic, Shon Goldberg, Sun Menachem, Neta Lavi (C), Mahmoud Jaber, Tjaronn Chery, Omer Atzili, Dolev Haziza, Din David.


Kick off 


5’ Atzili crosses a corner kick into the box, Planic jumps high and heads the ball, but it goes over the crossbar. 


14’ Haziza receives the ball at the edge of the box, he shakes off two defenders, enters into the box and shoots, but the ball goes above the target. 


19’ Lavi turns around at the center of the pitch, leaves behind his defender and delivers a brilliant long pass towards David, the striker shoots with a single touch, but the ball goes straight into the goalkeeper’s hands. 


21’ Atzili crosses the ball into the box, Hapoel’s defense clears the ball straight to Jaber who goes for a bicycle kick, but the ball goes just slightly over the crossbar. 


23’ Menachem sends Haziza forward with a long pass, Haziza penetrates into the box and crosses the ball towards Atzili who shoots powerfully, but the ball is blocked for a corner kick. 


30’ Red card - Hapoel’s striker, Alon Turgeman, tackles Menachem brutally and is sent off after an intervention of the VAR. 


43’ GOAL! Menachem storms down the left flank and crosses the ball to the center of the five meter box and David shoves it in from a close range. 1:0 for Maccabi. 


Second half 


52’ GOAL! Atzili passes the ball to Chery who shoots powerfully from 18 meters and scores! 2:0 for Maccabi. 


55’ Chery shoots from 20 meters, but Levita collects it. 


64’ Double substitution for Maccabi: Mavis Tchibota and Godsway Donyoh in, Dolev Haziza and Din David out.


67’ Chery sends a long ball towards Atzili, Levita is first to the ball and he clears it straight to Donyoh who shoots the ball from the air, but he misses the target. 


69’ Donyoh turns around and shoots from 25 meters, but the goalkeeper deflects the ball to a corner kick. 


74’ Double substitution for Maccabi: Ofri Arad and Maor Levi in, Bogdan Planic and Tjaronn Chery out.


79’ Atzili shoots from 18 meters, but the ball goes straight to Levita’s hands. 


84’ Substitution for Maccabi: Mohammed Abu Fani in, Mahmoud Jaber out.


90’+4’ Final whistle.