Schedule | 13/03/2023 - Hapoel Tel Aviv מול Maccabi Haifa
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Israeli Premier League, Round 26 , 13/03/2023 , 20:30 , Blumfield Stadium
23,900 viewers |  Referees: Not Yet Set
Hapoel Tel Aviv
Maccabi Haifa
Omer Atzili (70)



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חיים סילבס


Josh Cohen
Daniel Andreas Sundgren
Pierre Cornud
Abdoulaye Seck
Dylan Batubinsika
Ali Muhamed
Omer Atzili
Dolev Haziza
Mohammed Abu Fani
Frantzdy Pierrot


Roy Mashpati ()
Raz Meir ()
Rami Gershon ()
Aviel Zargari (CDM)
Mahmoud Jaber ()
Bassam Zarura ()
Mavis Tchibota (STRIKER)
Dean David ()


ברק בכר
Mon , 13/3/2023

A magnificent volley to win the match!

26th fixture of the Israeli Premier League: Hapoel Tel Aviv hosted Maccabi Haifa at Bloomfield Stadium. Omer Atzili scored a magnificent goal that without a doubt will be one of the candidates for the goal of the season when his crazy volley found the net (70’) and set the final score, 0:1 for Maccabi. The victory, of course, leaves Maccabi in first place and returns the gap in the table to four points from second place.

Maccabi’s line-up: Josh Cohen, Daniel Sundgren, Abdoulaye Seck, Dylan Batubinsika, Pierre Cornud, Ali Mohamed, Mohammed Abu Fani (C), Dia Saba, Omer Atzili, Dolev Haziza, Frantzdy Pierrot.


Kick Off


21’ Seck advances with the ball through the center of the pitch, he shoots from 30 meters, but the ball goes flying over the crossbar. 


30’ Haziza receives the ball at the right flank, enters the box, and crosses a curved ball that reaches Atzili who chips the ball back into the 5-meter box. Abu Fani joins from behind and shoots the ball powerfully, but the ball hits a local defender and is deflected for a corner kick. 


39’ Cornud wins the ball next to Hapoel’s corner flag, leaves his defender behind, and crosses a brilliant ball towards Atzili who heads the ball above the frame from 5 meters. 


45’+2’ Haziza dribbles down the left flank and delivers a great cross towards Saba who shoots from 20 meters, but the ball goes straight into the goalkeeper’s hands. 


Second Half 


46’ Substitution for Maccabi: Mahmoud Jaber in, Ali Mohamed out.


49’ Saba dribbles the ball at the center of the pitch, advances a few meters, and shoots from 27 meters, but the ball hits the post! 


57’ Haziza shoots from the edge of the box, but the ball hits one of Hapoel’s defenders and goes behind the line for a corner kick. 


58’ Saba provides a brilliant incisive pass towards Jaber who shoots from inside the box, but the ball goes just inches wide. 


60’ Substitution for Maccabi: Din David in, Frantzdy Pierrot out.


61’ Saba takes a corner kick and passes it short to Atzili who crosses the ball into the box, Seck jumps high and heads it, but the ball goes narrowly above the target. 


62’ Haziza shoots from the edge of the box, but he misses the frame. 


70’ GOAL! Haziza steals the ball at the right flank, chips the ball brilliantly towards Omer Atzili who waits at the edge of the box, and shoots a spectacular volley straight into the net. 0:1 for Maccabi! 


76’ Substitution for Maccabi: Goni Naor in, Dolev Haziza out.


90’ Double substitution for Maccabi: Mavis Tchibota and Rami Gershon in, Omer Atzili and Dia Saba out.


90’+7’ Final whistle.
Maccabi wins after a controlled game by the hosts. Omer Atzili scored the spectacular winning goal and finishes the regular season as the league's top scorer. The four-point gap from the second place, Hapoel Be’er Sheva, was preserved just before the beginning of the upper playoff.