Schedule | 28/11/2021 - Hapoel Tel Aviv מול Maccabi Haifa
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Israeli Premier League, Round 10 , 28/11/2021 , 20:45 , Blumfield Stadium
Referees: Not Yet Set
Hapoel Tel Aviv
Maccabi Haifa
דן איינבינדר (35)
Omer Atzili (45)
Dean David (47)
Omer Atzili (90)



ארנסטס שטקוס
יואב הופמייסטר
סיאנדה קולו
שלומי אזולאי
שלומי אזולאי
דן איינבינדר
בן ביטון
עידן ורד
אושר דוידה
שי אליאס
דני גרופר
פארלי רוסה


לוסיו מרינאו ()
יגאל בקר ()
בני טרידובסקי ()
יואב תומר ()
רז טוויזר ()
שי אייזן ()
אופק ביטון ()
ג'ורג' דיבה ()
שלומי אזולאי חלוץ ()


ניר קלינגר


Josh Cohen
Sean Goldberg
Bogdan Planic
Sun Menachem
Raz Meir
Ali Muhamed
Omer Atzili
Dolev Haziza
Tjaronn Chery
Mohammed Abu Fani
Ben Sahar


Roy Mashpati ()
Ofri Arad ()
Taleb Tawatha ()
Rami Gershon ()
Jose Rodriguez ()
Mahmoud Jaber ()
Maor Levy ()
Godsway Donyoh ()
Dean David ()


ברק בכר
Sun , 28/11/2021

Maccabi wins at Bloomfield

10th fixture of the Israeli Premier League: Hapoel Tel Aviv hosted Maccabi Haifa at Bloomfield stadium for the first match after the international break. Einbinder (35’ p.) gave the lead to the hosts. Atzili (45’, 90’+1’ p.) and David (47’) turned the score around and secured a 1:3 victory for the Greens

Maccabi’s line-up: Josh Cohen, Raz Meir, Bogdan Planic, Shon Goldberg, Sun Menachem, Ali Mohamed, Mohammed Abu Fani, Tjaronn Chery (C), Omer Atzili, Dolev Haziza, Ben Sahar.


Kick off 


31’ Atzili storms down the line and passes the ball to Meir who crosses it towards Sahar, but the latter’s shot only hits the post. 


35’ GOAL! Einbinder gives the lead to the hosts after a successful penalty kick. 1:0 for Hapoel Tel Aviv. 


43’ Chery takes a free kick, but the ball goes above the crossbar. 


45’ GOAL! Atzili receives the ball at the right edge of the box, he cuts to the middle and shoots a curved and accurate ball straight to the bottom left corner. A great equalizer just moments before half time. 1:1 at Bloomfield. 


Second half 


46’ Double substitution for Maccabi: Jose Rodriguez and Dean David in, Raz Meir and Ben Sahar out.


47’ GOAL! Chery breaks through Hapoel’s half and tries to kick the ball, but Davida clears the ball in the last moment. The ball reaches Dean David who shoves the ball in from close range. 1:2 for Maccabi. 


61’ After a brilliant free kick drill the ball reaches Planic inside the box, the Center Back passes the ball to Menachem who shoots, but the ball goes wide. 


63’ Corner kick for Hapoel Tel Aviv. Davida shoots a curved ball, Cohen was alert and blocks the shot, Lucio reaches the rebound, but Planic prevents him from scoring. 


67’ Substitution for Maccabi: Mahmoud Jaber in, Tjaronn Chery out.


72’ Substitution for Maccabi: Maor Levi in, Mohammed Abu Fani out.


83’ Atzili crosses the ball to Rodriguez who shoots from inside the box, but he misses the frame. 


86’ Substitution for Maccabi: Rami Gershon in, Dolev Haziza out.


88’ Planic sends a long ball towards Atzili who storms into the box, Setkus tries to block Atzili from reaching the ball and hits him with his elbow. 


90’+1’ GOAL! The referee points on the penalty spot after consulting with the VAR. Atzili takes the penalty kick and converts it successfully! 1:3 for Maccabi. 


90’+6’ Final whistle.