Schedule | 05/12/2021 - Nof Hagalil מול Maccabi Haifa
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Israeli Premier League, Round 12 , 05/12/2021 , 20:15 , טרם נקבע
Referees: Not Yet Set
Nof Hagalil
Maccabi Haifa
Omer Atzili (38)
Dean David (60)
Mohammed Abu Fani (76)
Dolev Haziza (89)



סטפן מרינוביץ'
טימוטי מוזי
דויד אקואה
יבגני ברקמן
דולב אזולאי
ויקי כחלון
רועי שוקרני
דניאל סולומון
פדרו פטראצי
סתיו נחמני
לוואגה קיזיטו


מתן עמבר ()
קוואן פרייטר ()
עודד צ'קול ()
אלעד שחף ()
יניב שגב ()
בן סטרלינג ()
בר כהן ()
ראובן גל ()
לביא שוקרון ()


ירון הוכנבוים


Josh Cohen
Sean Goldberg
Bogdan Planic
Sun Menachem
Ali Muhamed
Omer Atzili
Dolev Haziza
Tjaronn Chery
Jose Rodriguez
Mahmoud Jaber
Dean David


Roy Mashpati ()
Ofri Arad ()
Raz Meir ()
Rami Gershon ()
Mohammed Abu Fani ()
Maor Levy ()
Yuval Ashkenazi ()
Ben Sahar ()
Godsway Donyoh ()


ברק בכר
Sun , 12/5/2021

Maccabi wins convincingly at Nof HaGalil

12th fixture of the Israeli Premier League: The newcomers, Hapoel Nof HaGalil, hosted Maccabi Haifa at Green Stadium. Atzili (38’), David (60’), Abu Fani (76’) and Haziza (89’) secured a 0:4 victory that puts Maccabi temporarily at the first place in the league’s table.

Maccabi’s line-up: Josh Cohen, Jose Rodriguez, Bogdan Planic, Shon Goldberg, Sun Menachem, Ali Mohamed, Mahmoud Jaber, Tjaronn Chery (C), Omer Atzili, Dolev Haziza, Dean David.


Kick off 


5’ Goldberg crosses the ball into the box and finds Atzili that heads the ball, but the ball goes wide. 


18’ Atzili tries to score from outside the box, but Marinovic deflects the ball for a corner kick. 


27’ Haziza passes the ball to David who shoots from a difficult angle, but the goalkeeper blocks the attempt and sends the ball behind the line for another corner. 


28’ Chery shoots a dangerous ball, but the goalkeeper was alert and stops the attempt. 


33’ Substitution for Maccabi: Sun Menachem was injured and replaced by Raz Meir.


38’ GOAL! Just few minutes after he was subbed in, Meir crosses a great ball into the box and Atzili heads it into the net. 0:1 for Maccabi 


Second half 


46’ Substitution for Maccabi: Mohammed Abu Fani in, Mahmoud Jaber out.


46’ Frater tries to level the score with a shot from 25 meters, but the ball hits Cohen’s crossbar. 


57’ Abu Fani shoots powerfully from outside the box, but the goalkeeper blocks the attempt and sends the ball behind the line for a corner kick. 


60’ GOAL! Rodriguez provides an incisive pass towards David who finds himself in front of Marinovic and the striker rolls the ball between the goalkeeper’s legs. 0:2 for Maccabi 

70’ Double substitution for Maccabi: Godsway Donyoh and Rami Gershon in, Dean David and Ali Mohamed out.


76’ GOAL! Donyoh leaves the ball to Abu Fani who shoots from 18 meters and scores. 0:3 for Maccabi. 


80’ Substitution for Maccabi: Ben Sahar in, Omer Atzili out.


89’ GOAL! Haziza takes a free kick for Maccabi; he shoots a curved ball straight into the net. 0:4 for Maccabi. 


90’+2’ Final whistle.