Schedule | 08/01/2022 - Maccabi Petach Tikva מול Maccabi Haifa
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Israeli Premier League, Round 17 , 08/01/2022 , 17:45 , HaMoshava stadium
Referees: Not Yet Set
Maccabi Petach Tikva
Maccabi Haifa
Dolev Haziza (14)
Dean David (26)
Maor Levy (78)
Ben Sahar (90+1)



מרקו וולף
דור אלו
מרקוס דיניז
אור בלוריאן
ינון אליהו
ירדן כהן
ארד בר
איתן אזולאי
ניקו אולסק
ג'יימס אדני
למק בנדה


מאור ארליך ()
דניאל פלשר ()
מוחמד הנדי ()
ירוסלאב מיחאליק ()
תומר לוי ()
אלסאן דומביה ()
רוי רונן ()
בן רייכרט ()


ניר קלינגר


Josh Cohen
Sean Goldberg
Bogdan Planic
Sun Menachem
Raz Meir
Ali Muhamed
Omer Atzili
Dolev Haziza
Tjaronn Chery
Mohammed Abu Fani
Dean David


Roy Mashpati ()
Ofri Arad ()
Ori Dahan ()
Rami Gershon ()
Neta Lavi ( Central Midfield)
Maor Levy ()
Yuval Ashkenazi ()
Ben Sahar ()
Godsway Donyoh ()


ברק בכר
Sat , 1/8/2022

Maccabi Defeats Petah Tikva

17th fixture of the Israeli Premier League: Maccabi Petah Tikva hosted Maccabi Haifa at HaMoshava Stadium. Haziza (14’), David (26), Levi (78’) and Sahar (90’+1’) scored for Maccabi

Maccabi’s line-up: Josh Cohen, Raz Meir, Bogdan Planic, Sean Goldberg, Sun Menachem, Ali Mohamed, Mohammed Abu Fani, Tjaronn Chery (C), Omer Atzili, Dolev Haziza, Din David.


Kick off 


3’ Meir crosses the ball into the box, Haziza heads it from close range, but the ball goes just next to the post. 


14’ GOAL! Chery crosses the ball from the right wing, the ball is cleared by Eliyahu straight to Haziza who shoots it to the far corner and scores. 0:1 for Maccabi. 


19’ The hosts are left with ten players. The VAR intervenes and asks the match official to check Yarden Cohen’s tackle on Raz Meir again, and Laibuvitz shows Cohen the red card. 


26’ GOAL! Haziza crosses the ball from the left side; Chery passes it to David who scores from close range. 0:2 for Maccabi. 


28’ Haziza tries to chip the ball over the goalkeeper, but the ball goes over the crossbar. 


35’ Atzili takes a free kick, but the goalkeeper manages to deny it. 


38’ Abu Fani passes the ball to Haziza who leaves it to Atzili, the winger shoots it powerfully, but the ball shaves the crossbar and goes out of play. 


Second half 


47’ Chery tries from outside the box, but the goalkeeper collects it. 


60’ A corner kick for Petah Tikva reaches Arad Bar who heads the ball and forces Josh Cohen to stretch his body to tip the ball away. 


61’ Double substitution for Maccabi: Ofri Arad and Maor Levi in, Bogdan Planic and Ali Mohamed out.


67’ Atzili crosses the ball towards Haziza, but the latter’s header misses the target. 


68’ Substitution for Maccabi: Godsway Donyoh in, Din David out.


70’ Donyoh passes the ball to Levi who crosses it towards Chery, but the captain’s header goes wide. 


75’ Another attempt from Chery is blocked by the goalkeeper. 


78’ GOAL! A great counter attack starts with a brilliant pass from Donyoh to Atzili, who finds Levi inside the box, and the youngster rolls the ball into the net and scores just a few minutes after being subbed in. 0:3 for Maccabi. 


80’ Double substitution for Maccabi: Neta Lavi and Ben Sahar in, Sun Menachem and Mohammed Abu Fani out.


83’ Atzili shoots from the right edge of the box, but the goalkeeper blocks it. 


87’ Lavi shoots from 20 meters, but the ball goes just next to the post. 


90’+1’ GOAL! Chery crosses the ball from the left side of the box, and Sahar shoots it with a single touch and sets the final score. 0:4 for Maccabi!


90’+2’ Final whistle.