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Note, during the summer of 2015, changes were made in the stadium's parking lots. As a result of these changes the number of parking spaced purposed for the general public was reduced, while further parking spaced for the disabled were added.

Rules and recommendations

Subscribers who purchased parking passes from the club are requested to arrive on the day of the game as early as possible, maintain order and obey the direction signs and the ushers in the stadium and its surroundings.

Here are some highlights regarding the parking of private vehicles in the parking lots adjacent to the stadium, which will be available only to holders of parking passes issued by Maccabi Haifa FC:

  • Parking in lots P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5 will be available to parking pass holders only.
  • Subscribers are requested to leave their parking pass in their car in a visible place, preferably behind the windshield with the parking number visible from the outside of the vehicle.
  • Outside the stadium, by the access roads and main roads there will be signs directing to the various parking lots. Please act as directed by these signs.
  • There will be an increased presence of police officers, traffic inspectors and ushers, who would monitor the traffic and direct parking pass holders to their parking places. Please obey their orders.
  • We ask all parking pass holders to arrive early on the day of the game in order to avoid unnecessary traffic jams at the entrance to the parking lots.
  • To those arriving Freud Road (Horev Center), passage will not be permitted through Haim Landau Bridge (The 11 Athletes St.) for all drivers, including parking pass holders. In this case, drivers must make a U-turn at the Haifa Mall junction and reach the entrance under the Castra Bridge.
  • Drivers arriving from Freud (from west to east - toward the ascent to Freud). Please turn right under the Haim Landau Bridge (The 11 Athletes St.).
  • From Route 4 - entry shall only be available from the southern entrance to the stadium to parking lots P1, P2, P3, P4, P5
  • Any vehicles not parked in a permitted parking space and according to the signed, will be towed away!!

Disabled parking

1.    The Stadium hosts 113 parking spaces dedicated for disabled and handicapped drivers holding a suitable permit. The entrance to these spaces is subject to availability or by advance purchase of a parking space (season subscription or one-time purchase).

2.    Once the majority of parking spaces for the disabled were sold as season subscriptions (2015/16), a number of parking spaces remained for the rest of the supporters.

3.    Since the number of spaces is limited, it is recommended to arrive at the stadium two hours before kickoff (Please present your Disabled certificate and sticker at the entrance to the stadium complex). The club does not guarantees the availability of vacant parking spaces.

4.    If you wish to guarantee the availability of a parking space, you can purchase a one-time parking pass at a cost of 50 NIS. To purchase, call 04-7704444. Please send your disability certificate by fax or e-mail. Note, you need to collect your parking pass in advance.